About Us

ATL Courier, Inc. was formed in October 1984 by Jeff Stewart and David Rood. A friendship that was born on a softball field was quickly built into a business relationship off the field. Jeff brought to the table extensive experience in the small package delivery business and David a financial background working for one of Atlanta’s professional sports organizations.

What started as a company of four (Jeff, David and two drivers) ATL Courier experienced quick growth in the Atlanta market place. Back to the softball field they went and were introduced to Lou Nichols in 1985. Lou had experience in trucking and was very excited to bring this service together with Jeff and David’s courier business. The three partners were determined to blend courier and trucking services together to offer their customers a one stop shop for all their transportation needs.

By the late 80’s ATL Courier became an IAC (Independent Air Carrier) to offer yet another service to their customer base. ATL Courier could now pick up parcels in Atlanta and have them delivered Nationwide on the same day by utilizing the cargo space of several airlines and building a group of partner carriers across the country to make the deliveries. All of our company drivers and Independent Contractors are TSA certified and authorized to tender shipment to airlines for travel by passenger and cargo aircraft.

On to the early 90’s and the trucking side of the business really started to grow by adding Tractor Trailers to the fleet and running dedicated lanes from Atlanta to New York and everywhere in between.

Atlanta and the Southeast region became the main focus until late 2011 when we realized that our current group of core customers often had shipments in various parts of the country and they were having to reach out to other carriers to meet their needs for these types of shipments. ATL Courier secured their Broker Authority and formed a sister company that would become known as ATL XPD. We have established an alliance of transportation providers that has enabled us to offer Nationwide services for our customers including LTL, FTL and Expedite loads that need to be picked within minutes instead of hours and be transported across the country.

Through expansion a common theme kept coming to the surface, teamwork. The early relationships that were built on the softball field brought the theme of teamwork to the office where it is still a vital part of what makes ATL Courier successful. Management realized this and decided to seek out the best employee’s and treat them like family.

Our management and operations staff consists of just over 30 people with over 400 years of combined experience in the transportation industry. Our fleet consists of 15 company drivers and 95 Independent Contractors.

Through innovative approaches and a flexibility to accommodate our customers needs, ATL Courier has truly expanded to become a total logistics provider to a customer base that continues to grow every day.