Since joining my company 4 years ago, I have had the pleasure of having daily interaction and service provided to us by ATL Courier. They have a professional staff and are courteous to their customers. What I like most about ATL Courier is their responsiveness to my needs for expedited service. Like us, they provide 24 hour service and the level of service is unmatched. Their drivers arrive and deliver n time. Pricing is very reasonable for all my local & long distance needs.

Craig MS.E. Regional Distribution Manager

I have been an ATL Courier customer for over 10 years. ATL has never disappointed me in over 10 + years. They always respond to the needs I have as a customer. Quick response to calls, quick pick up time on orders and follow-up service when needed. If a driver needs to be at a location at a certain time or needs to call ahead 15 minutes before a pick up / delivery they make it happen. They do the extra steps needed to be timely and successful in our customer needs.

Brian SLogistics Coordinator

Any day, anytime, I know once I send it to ATL it’s taken care of without a doubt!

Frederick M

ATL provides great same day, expedited and time guaranteed services with a great range of vehicle supply to meet our customers needs!

Ray H

We have been working with ATL Courier for over 5 years and they are a great partner. Their services is consistent – 100% on time. They are proactive, helpful, knowledgeable and we love that they know us when we call them. Their customer service team is the best. They are always friendly and happy to hear from us. Their drivers are professional and they get the job done right. We have continued to grow our business with them and our success is because of great partners like this.

Cassandra BService Provider Manager of an International Freight Forwarder

My company has been working with ATL Courier, Inc. since 2008. We had decided to shop around and compare pricing against our current courier. We are so glad we did! The service is efficient, professional and up to date technology was a huge improvement…..I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a dedicated, dependable and professional courier to handle all of their delivery requests!

Jackie T

We have been very pleased with our service from ATL Courier. The website is easy to use, the customer service agent and couriers are always pleasant and helpful, and the deliveries are timely. For some of our deliveries, time is of the essence, and it is a relief to know that I don’t ever have to worry about my patients “doing without” because of a courier issue.

Lisa LClinical Pharmacist, Supervisor

ATL Courier is a top notch carrier. We rely on ATL for our on-demand shipments and timely response. They are key to our success and we couldn’t do it without them! In a nutshell, they make our life easy!

Mark DStation Manager of a Freight Forwarder

ATL Courier has always helped our team meet with our customers demands. Trucks are there when promised!! We can count on ATL Courier that the job will be completed on time and right.

Dianira CTraffic Manager of a Manufacturing Plant